Rains Curve Jacket Red



  • Κλείνει με φερμουάρ
  • Κουκούλα
  • Ζώνη στη μέση
  • Αδιάβροχη καπαρντίνα
  • Τσέπες μπροστά

Σύνθεση:50% polyurethane, 50% polyester

  • XS/S
  • SM
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Rains Curve Jacket Red

Rains’ Curve Jacket is a classic yet practical women’s rain jacket inspired by the timeless Trench Coat. With a slightly a-shaped fit and tie belt at the waist, Curve Jacket emphasizes the female silhouette. Made from a water-resistant lightweight fabric with a matte finish, the raincoat has a front placket with snap buttons, adjustable cuffs and a fishtail.

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